Firebox System Manager

WatchGuard Firebox System Manager gives you one interface to monitor all components of your Firebox and the work it does. From the Firebox System Manager window, you are able to monitor the condition of the Firebox or connect to the Firebox directly to update its configuration. There are eight tabs that provide information about the status and functionality of the Firebox:

Front Panel
    The front panel displays the status of each interface along with information about active tunnels and security services.

Traffic Monitor
    Traffic Monitor displays a color-coded, scrolling list of the traffic passing through the Firebox.

Bandwidth Meter
    Bandwidth Meter is a monitoring tool that provides a real-time graphical display of network activities across a Firebox.

Service Watch
    Service Watch provides a real-time display that graphs the number of connections by service.

Status Report
    The Status Report is an informational page listing the technical details of the Firebox.

Authentication List
    The Firebox System Manager Authentication List gives the IP addresses and user names of all the persons that are authenticated to the Firebox. You can remove an authenticated user from the list by right-clicking their user name and closing their authenticated session.

Blocked Sites
    The Blocked Sites tab lists all the sites currently blocked by the Firebox. From this tab, you can remove a site from the temporary blocked sites list.

Security Services
    The Security Services tab shows the status of the Gateway AntiVirus and Intrusion Prevention services. From here, you can also perform a manual update of the signature databases used by the two services. This tab is only active if you have purchased the GAV or IPS service.

From the Firebox System Manager toolbar, you can also launch other Firebox monitoring tools, including:

Performance Console
    Use the Performance Console to prepare graphs based on Firebox performance counters to better understand how your Firebox is functioning.

    HostWatch is a graphic user interface that shows the network connections between the trusted and external networks.


This training module increases your familiarity with some of the most common monitoring tools within the Firebox System Manager by encouraging you to monitor the real connections you and your classmates make with other devices during the training session.

  1. From WatchGuard System Manager, connect to your student Firebox.
    Reminder: Click the Connect to Device icon. Type your Firebox trusted IP address. Type the status passphrase. Click OK.
  2. Click the Firebox System Manager icon.
    Firebox System Manager opens. It contacts your student Firebox and gets data about network traffic, interface settings, and other status information.


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