Proxies and Security Subscriptions

Getting Started with Gateway Antivirus

This video defines Gateway AntiVirus, explains how to set up and use Gateway AntiVirus and IntelligentAV, and shows how Gateway AntiVirus and WatchGuard Dimension work together to keep you informed about virus activity on your network.

Getting Started with TDR

This video tutorial defines Threat Detection and Response (TDR), explains how it works, and shows how to enable and configure it.

Create a WebBlocker Exception

This video tutorial defines WebBlocker exceptions and demonstrates how to create one.

Prevent Ransomware with Your Firebox

This tutorial explains how to use your Firebox and security subscription services together to help prevent ransomware from entering your network.

Using Application Control with Traffic Management

Getting Started with Application Control

This video tutorial describes how Application Control works, explain how to configure Application Control, and shows how to monitor Application Control statistics.