Panda Systems Management Release Notes

These release notes are for Panda Systems Management — a cloud-based remote device monitoring and management solution for IT departments.

For a full description of the features and functionality, go to Panda Systems Management Help.

Latest Systems Management Update 13 February 2024
Release Notes Revision Date 26 March 2024
Panda Systems Management
Agent 2190

Latest Release

Release Date: 13 February 2024 (Redesign)

This version of Panda Systems Management is a complete redesign of the user experience that includes:

  • New look and feel.
  • Intuitive user experience with a focus on dashboards and search.
    • New intuitive and data-driven dashboards.
    • Customizable dashboards and widgets provide deeper insight and enable you to take action.
  • Responsive user interface that adapts to different screen sizes.
  • Fast, real-time, and actionable user interface that enables you to provide services quicker and more efficiently.
    • Improved search helps you to find the information you need faster.
    • Suggestions engine assists with feature set up.

To open the new user experience, click New UI in the upper, left corner of the window. You can then make the new UI your default interface.

New Features

This version includes most of the core features from the existing interface, as well as many new features that are only available in the new UI:

  • Updated dashboards with powerful widgets and filters that you can share with other users.
  • Network discovery brings instant understanding of the devices on any network with a network node. Device onboarding is also significantly easier.
  • Uninstall software from the Software list.
  • Related devices card shows how devices relate to each other in the network and makes navigation more intuitive.
  • Improved quick job functionality to directly add ComStore components makes it easier for technicians to solve device-level problems with components and to enforce best practices on an endpoint.
  • Unscheduled maintenance mode can now prevent unwanted alerts on devices for a specified period of time.
  • New navigation for recently used devices and sites makes it easier to return to your previous location in the user interface.
  • Device and Alert pages include recent and related alerts history for context.
  • Webhooks now integrate the alert system with third-party tools to provide customized alert content directly on systems such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Power Automate, and Zapier.

Deprecated Features

These features are deprecated and are not available in the new user interface:


We recommend that you use another tool for ticketing. Some tools enable you to create tickets when an email message is received in a specific mailbox with a specific subject line. You can configure PCSM to send those email messages in response to monitoring outcomes.

Job Alerts

Job alerts are not part of the monitoring engine and are rarely seen by users. We recommend that you use component monitors. Job email notifications are also available.

Power Rating / Energy Usage

Power rating and energy usage information was not commonly used.

Power Policies

To apply power settings to a device, we recommend that you use the appropriate ComStore component.

On-Connect Jobs Schedule Option

On-Connect jobs were superseded by the Initial Audit job schedule.

Favorite Devices

The new UI uses recent devices and sites, as well as significant improvements to the way device groups work to find favorite devices.

Suspended Devices

Use the Unscheduled Maintenance or Maintenance policy to suspend devices.

Component Editor — JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, and Python Script Support

Because Panda Systems Management did not deploy runtimes to run JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, or Python scripts, the component editor feature set was limited. With the new user experience, you can attach the .py file for a Python script and invoke a local Python installation to run it.

Resolved Issues

  • When you export all patches from the patch policy, the CSV file now includes all of the relevant information.
  • When you select a Device Filter filter, the Online Duration information now shows correctly.
  • The branding logo on the text of the report does not cover the text on the report.

Previous Releases

For information on releases before 2024, go to this Knowledge Base article: Panda Systems Management Release Notes.