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At WatchGuard, we understand just how important support is when you are trying to secure your network with limited resources. You require greater knowledge and assistance in a world where security is becoming ever more critical and complex, and downtime can spell disaster. Our support program gives you the backup you need, starting with an initial subscription that supports you from the moment you activate your WatchGuard appliance.

Support Program Overview Table

24x7 Technical Support

No matter which WatchGuard network security appliance you buy, your support needs will be covered 24x7 by our in-house team of highly trained technical experts.

Hardware Warranty

WatchGuard’s hardware warranty includes advance hardware replacement to ensure that a replacement appliance is shipped immediately if a fault is identified.

Software Updates

WatchGuard continually enhances the capabilities of its operating system software and services. Your Support license gives you access to all new releases at no cost.

Additional Support Services

Find out more about WatchGuard’s extended services, including Priority Response Upgrades
and Premium 4-Hour RMA services.

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Over WatchGuard

Er zijn wereldwijd bijna een miljoen geïntegreerde, multifunctionele WatchGuard security appliances geïnstalleerd. Onze herkenbare roodgekleurde systemen zijn ontworpen om de slimste, de snelste en de meest doordachte security oplossing te zijn, met iedere mogelijke security toepassing op volle kracht voor u aan het werk. Waarom zou u WatchGuard kopen? Ontdek het hier.



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