Who’s on the hacker’s hook?

With 90% of attacks starting with a phishing email, how long will it be until someone at your organization finds themselves taking the hacker’s bait? From the CEO to the head of recruitment to a procurement specialist, hackers are always on the hunt for the next great trophy catch they can add to their collection. They know the right bait to use for each of their targets, and are simply waiting for the right time to cast out their hooks.

Who are the trophy targets within your organization?
Do they know the tactics the hacker is using to get them to take the bait?

Fish hook through an envelop with the word SUED coming out of it


Bait: From Legal - "We're being sued!"

Mounted Fish with a plaque saying CEO

Mounted Fish with a plaque saying Human Resources
Fish hook through an envelop with a resume coming out of it

Head of Recruitment

Bait: From a prospective employee - "Hire me!"

Fish hook through an envelop with a package coming out of it

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Bait: From a shipping company - "Your package is missing!"

Mounted Fish with a plaque saying Operations/Facilities

Mounted Fish with a plaque saying Sales
Fish hook through an envelop with a bar chart coming out of it

Sales Person

Bait: From a prospect - "I'm your next big sale!"

Fish hook through an envelop with paper money coming out of it

Accounts Payable Specialist

Bait: From the CEO - "I need you to transfer these funds!"

Mounted Fish with a plaque saying Finance

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Keep Off the Hacker’s Hook

Learn more about the bait and tactics that a hacker uses to hook your employees, and how you can defend your organization from these attacks! Download the resource kit today!


Kit includes:

  • eBook: Trophy Phishing – Don’t Be the Next Trophy Hanging on the Hacker’s Wall
  • Infographic: Who Are the Trophy Phish in Your Organization?
  • Feature Brief: Don’t Get Caught on the Hacker’s Line

Thank you for downloading the Trophy Phishing Resource Kit!

We hope that the resources will provide more details on the bait and tactics used in phishing attacks against the trophy targets within your organization. With WatchGuard Total Security Suite and AuthPoint, rest assured that your business is protected at every layer from hackers looking for any way into your business.

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