WatchGuard CTF Challenge – Black Hat 2019



We have skill, we have strength, we’ve built a team. The most capable will find a place by our side.


We are a covert organization. We don’t advertise our accomplishments. If you prove yourself capable, we have a job for you.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Two years ago, Crimson Thorn opened their doors to recruits, teaching and challenging them on a range of hacking skills. Last year, recruits worked with lead agent WiltedRose to advance through the ranks, assisting special agents deployed throughout the field on infiltration tasks and data exfiltration. Recently though, a faction of Crimson Thorn agents – led by the separatist known as MorningGlory – has begun demanding more overt actions from the organization. Your task, should you accept, is to choose a side and lead Crimson Thorn to a new age.

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Informazioni Su WatchGuard

WatchGuard ha distribuito circa un milione di appliance per la gestione delle minacce integrate e multifunzione in tutto il mondo. Le scatole rosse con la nostra firma sono state ideate per essere i dispositivi più smart, veloci e implacabili con qualsiasi motore di scansione a pieno regime. Perché acquistare WatchGuard? Scoprilo qui.


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