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We chose WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi Cloud because it gave us the Wi-Fi security we need with the additional capabilities we couldn’t live

Jamie Stables
IT Manager, AMT Coffee

Experience the Wi-Fi Cloud in this self-paced demo and learn how you can:

  • Set up the Wi-Fi network from the GO mobile web application
  • Pinpoint meaningful network problems and application issues
  • Analyze Wi-Fi users with location-based analytics
  • Create splash pages without the need for web design skills


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Informazioni Su WatchGuard

WatchGuard ha distribuito circa un milione di appliance per la gestione delle minacce integrate e multifunzione in tutto il mondo. Le scatole rosse con la nostra firma sono state ideate per essere i dispositivi più smart, veloci e implacabili con qualsiasi motore di scansione a pieno regime. Perché acquistare WatchGuard? Scoprilo qui.


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