Datablink Was Acquired by WatchGuard Technologies

Datablink Was Acquired by WatchGuard Technologies

Explore Datablink resources or visit the AuthPoint page to learn more about WatchGuard's powerful, easy-to-use multi-factor authentication solution




Datablink Financial Services & Products

Financial Services & Products

Datablink was acquired by WatchGuard in August of 2017. Datablink solutions will continue to be supported for existing customers.

Those looking for Datablink ebanking information can learn about Datablink financial services and products here.


AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

AuthPoint is an easy-to-use, powerful MFA service. It is trusted by companies across the globe to protect their most critical information and accounts. It is extremely user friendly, can be set up in minutes, and helps prevent your company from experiencing a breach.

Keep cybercriminals out of your network for a monthly user cost that is less than the cost of daily cappuccino with AuthPoint.

Curious to learn more about how AuthPoint keeps your company secure? Find out here.



Informazioni Su WatchGuard

WatchGuard ha distribuito circa un milione di appliance per la gestione delle minacce integrate e multifunzione in tutto il mondo. Le scatole rosse con la nostra firma sono state ideate per essere i dispositivi più smart, veloci e implacabili con qualsiasi motore di scansione a pieno regime. Perché acquistare WatchGuard? Scoprilo qui.


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