Rogue Access Point Scan Results

You can see the results of a wireless rogue access detection point scan in the Rogue Access Point Detection (Wireless Intrusion Detection System) page. This page displays a list of untrusted wireless access points found by the most recent rogue access point detection scan. This list does not include access points that match the trusted access points defined in your wireless rogue access point detection configuration.

To see and update the list:

  1. Select System Status > Rogue AP Detection.
    The Rogue Access Point Detection system status page appears.

  1. To start an immediate scan for rogue access points, click Scan now.
    The wireless access point starts a rogue access point detection scan and updates the list of untrusted access points.

If an access point that you trust appears on this list, it is because you have not yet added it as a trusted access point. For information about how to add an access point to the trusted access point list, see Enable Rogue Access Point Detection.

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