Add an XTM Wireless Device as a Trusted Access Point

If you have multiple wireless access points, you must add their information to the rogue access point detection configuration's trusted access points list. The wireless settings you can select to identify a trusted wireless access point are similar to the settings you use to configure an XTM wireless device as a wireless access point. Use these steps to find the settings for your XTM wireless device so you can add it to the trusted access point list.

Find the Settings for Your XTM Trusted Access Points

To find the required settings to identify a trusted access point:

  1. Select Network > Wireless.
    The Wireless Configuration dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the Wireless configuration page

  1. In the Radio Settings section, make a note of the Channel.
  2. Click Configure adjacent to the enabled wireless access point name.
    The Wireless settings for this access point appear.

Screen shot of the wireless settings

  1. Make a note of these settings:
  2. Find the wireless MAC address. For an XTM 2 Series wireless device, the wireless MAC address is six higher than the MAC address of the Eth0 interface.
    For more information, see Find the Wireless MAC Address of a Trusted Access Point.

An XTM wireless device can have up to three enabled wireless access points with different settings. If the XTM wireless device has multiple enabled access points, repeat these steps to get the information about each enabled access point. Repeat these steps for any other trusted access points on your network.

Add the Trusted Access Points to the Trusted Access Point List

On the wireless device that performs the rogue access point scan:

  1. Select Network > Wireless.
  2. Select the Enable rogue access point detection check box.
  3. Adjacent to Enable rogue access point detection, click Configure.
    The list of trusted access points appears.
  4. Click Add.
    The Trusted Access Point dialog box appears.

Screen shot if the Trusted Access Point dialog box

  1. Type or select the information to match the configuration of your trusted access point.
    For more information about these settings, see Enable Rogue Access Point Detection.

The Encryption / Authentication setting in the wireless network configuration corresponds to two settings (Encryption and Authentication) in the Trusted Access Point configuration.

  1. Click OK to add the trusted access point.

Repeat these steps to add other trusted wireless access points.

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