Find the Wireless MAC Address of a Trusted Access Point

When you enable rogue access point detection, you can specify the wireless MAC address of your other trusted wireless access points so they can be identified as trusted.

For an XTM 2 Series wireless device, the wireless MAC address is six higher than the MAC address of the Eth0 interface. So, for example, if the Eth0 Interface on the 2 Series wireless device has a MAC address of 00:90:7F:80:1A:61, the wireless MAC address for that device is 00:90:7F:80:1A:67.

To see the Eth0 interface MAC address, select Dashboard > Interfaces.

You can also see the wireless MAC address of a WatchGuard wireless device in the Status Report in Firebox System Manager. For more information, see the WatchGuard System Manager User Guide or WatchGuard System Manager Help.

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