Use a RADIUS Server for Wireless Authentication

If you select the WPA EnterpriseWPA2 Enterprise, or WPA/WPA2 Enterprise authentication methods in your wireless configuration, you can use a RADIUS server for wireless authentication.

To configure your wireless access point to use RADIUS authentication:

  1. Select Network > Wireless.
  2. Click Configure adjacent to the Access point 1, Access point 2, or Wireless Guest configuration.
  3. Select the Wireless tab.

Screen shot of the Wireless tab WPA/PWA2 Enterprise Authentication settings

  1. From the Encryption (Authentication) drop-down list, select WPA Enterprise, WPA2 Enterprise, or WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.
    The Encryption, Authentication server, and EAP authentication timeout settings appear.
  1. From the Encryption algorithm drop-down list, select the encryption method. For more information, see Set the Encryption Level.
  2. From the Authentication server drop-down list, select RADIUS.
    The authentication and protocol configuration settings are disabled. You must configure these settings on your RADIUS server.
  3. In the EAP authentication timeout text box, you can change the timeout value for authentication. The default is 3600 seconds.
  4. Click Return to Main Page.
  5. Click Save.

If you have not previously configured a RADIUS server, you are prompted to do this when you click Save. For more information, see Configure RADIUS Server Authentication.

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