Unpair an AP Device

To unpair a WatchGuard AP device from an XTM device, you remove the AP device from the Paired Access Point list in the Gateway Wireless Controller. When you unpair an AP device, the AP device restarts with factory default settings. The passphrase on the AP device is reset to wgwap.

To unpair an AP device from your XTM device:

  1. Select Network > Gateway Wireless Controller.
  2. Select the Access Points tab.
    The list of paired Access Points appears in the list at the top of the Access Points tab.
  3. From the Access Points list, select the AP device to unpair.
    Use the Control and/or Shift keys to select multiple AP devices at the same time.
  4. Click Remove.
    The selected Access Points are removed from the configuration.The XTM device resets the AP device to factory default settings.

After you unpair the AP device, it restarts with factory default settings. After the AP device restarts, the Gateway Wireless Controller can discover it again as an unpaired AP device.

The power LED on the AP device alternates from green to amber when the device is unpaired.

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