Configure WatchGuard AP Device SSIDs

Before you can assign an SSID to a WatchGuard AP device, you must add the SSID to the Gateway Wireless Controller. You can also enable VLAN tagging on each SSID. If you enable VLAN tagging, the SSID uses the VLAN ID you specify to connect to a VLAN that is configured on the network between your AP device and XTM device.

For more information about when and how to use VLAN tagging with your AP device, see Configure VLANs for WatchGuard AP Devices.

Add an SSID

To add an SSID for your AP devices:

  1. Select Network > Gateway Wireless Controller.
    The Gateway Wireless Controller page appears, with the SSID tab selected.

Screen shot of the Gateway Wireless Controller page, SSIDs tab

  1. Click Add.
    The SSID configuration settings appear.

Screen shot of the SSID configuration settings, Settings tab

  1. In the Network Name (SSID) text box, type the SSID name.
  2. To specify that your AP devices do not broadcast the SSID name, clear the Broadcast SSID and respond to SSID queries check box.
  3. To specify that wireless clients connected to this SSID cannot send traffic to each other through the AP device, select the Enable station isolation check box. For more information, see About AP Station Isolation.
  4. To use the MAC Access Control list for your AP devices, select the Use the MAC Access Control list defined in the Gateway Wireless Controller Settings check box. For more information, see Configure MAC Access Control.
  5. To use tagged VLANs to separate the traffic between multiple SSIDs, select the Enable VLAN tagging check box.
  6. If you enabled VLAN tagging, in the VLAN ID text box, type or select the ID of the tagged VLAN to use for this SSID.

If you enable VLAN tagging and try to configure an SSID to use a VLAN ID that is not configured on the XTM device, a warning message appears with the information that the VLAN ID you configured in the SSID settings does not exist on the XTM device. Make sure you configure a tagged VLAN for this SSID. In most network configurations, you create the tagged VLAN for each SSID on the XTM device, and one untagged VLAN for management connections to the AP device.

Add AP Device Radios

When you add an SSID, you can assign the SSID to one or more AP device radios. For AP200 devices, which have two radios, you select each radio separately.

To assign an SSID to an AP device radio:

In the Access Points with this SSID list, select the check boxes next to each AP device radio that you want to use this SSID.

You can also assign SSIDs to an AP device radio when you edit the AP device radio settings. For more information, see Configure AP Device Radio Settings.

Configure Security Settings

To configure the wireless security settings for the SSID:

  1. Select the Security tab.
  2. From the Security Mode drop-down list, select the security protocol to use for this SSID.
  3. Complete the settings to configure the selected security protocol.

For more information, see Configure SSID Security Settings.

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