Add an HTTPS Policy for Access Point Web UI Connections

If the connection from your management computer to your AP device is routed through your XTM device, to allow your management computer to log in to the WatchGuard Access Point web UI, you might have to add an HTTPS packet filter policy to your XTM device configuration.

To allow connections to the AP device on a VLAN from any trusted network:

  1. Add an HTTPS packet filter policy.
  2. In the From list, add the alias Any-Trusted.
    To allow connections to the Access Point web UI from only a specific network interface, add that interface name to the From list.
  3. In the To list, add the interface where your AP device is connected. This could be a physical interface or a VLAN interface.

Screen shot of the Edit Policy Properties dialog box for an HTTPS policy from Any-Trusted to VLAN30

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