AP Device Deployment with a Single SSID

For basic AP device installation, you deploy one WatchGuard AP devices with a single SSID. In this simple deployment scenario, you do not have to configure VLANs or complex network settings. This example is recommended for small office deployments where the requirement is to add secure, wireless access to an existing LAN. The WatchGuard AP device management traffic and wireless SSID traffic all communicate across the same network.

If your environment is large enough to require more than one AP device for wider wireless coverage, you can assign the same SSID to multiple AP devices. When you assign the same SSID to more than one AP device, the range of that SSID is extended, which enables mobile users to roam from one AP device coverage area to another. For more information, see AP Device Deployment with Simple Roaming.

With this deployment scenario, there are two primary methods you can use to physically connect your WatchGuard AP device to the network:

Diagram of an AP device connected directly to an XTM device trusted or optional interface

Diagram of an AP device connected to a switch connected to the XTM device

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