Limitations of Fireware XTM Web UI

You can use Fireware XTM Web UI, WatchGuard System Manager, and Fireware XTM Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure and monitor your Fireware XTM device. To change a device configuration file, you can use any of these programs. There are, however, several device configuration changes you cannot make with Fireware XTM Web UI.

Some of the tasks you can complete in Policy Manager, but not with the Web UI include:

The group of applications that comes with WatchGuard System Manager includes many other tools for monitoring and reporting. Some of the functions provided by HostWatch, Log and Report Manager, and WSM are also not available in the Web UI.

To use some Fireware XTM features related to WatchGuard servers, you must install WatchGuard Server Center. You do not have to use WatchGuard System Manager to install WatchGuard Server Center. You can use WatchGuard Server Center to configure these WatchGuard servers:

To learn how to configure features not supported by the Web UI or how to use WatchGuard Server Center, see the Fireware XTM WatchGuard System Manager Help at

To learn more about the CLI, see the WatchGuard Command Line Interface Reference at

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