Wireless Statistics

To see statistics about your wireless network:

  1. Select System Status > Wireless Statistics.
    The Wireless Statistics page appears with a summary of wireless configuration settings, and the Statistics tab selected.

Screen shot of the Wireless Statistics page

  1. To see connection information for connected Access Points and Wireless Clients, select the Statistics tab.
  2. To see the statistics for the device interfaces, select the Details tab.

The Wireless Statistics summary includes:

On the Statistics tab, this information appears for each connected device:

Access Points

Wireless Clients

For the Access Points connected to the XTM device, you can see the list of Wireless Clients connected to the Access Point. You can select to include the clients for one or more Access Points in the list.

From the Access Point drop-down list, select an Access Point.

On the Details tab, this information appears for the connected devices:

You can also update the wireless country information for this device from this page. The available options for the wireless radio settings are based on the regulatory requirements of the country in which the device detects that it is located.

To update the wireless country information:

Click Update Country Info.
The 2 Series device contacts a WatchGuard server to determine the current operating region.

For more information about radio settings on the WatchGuard XTM wireless device, see About Wireless Radio Settings.

For more information about the System Status pages, see About the Dashboard and System Status Pages.

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