Front Panel

On the Front Panel page, you can see basic information about your Firebox or XTM device, your network, and network traffic.

Screen shot of the Fireware XTM Web UI — Dashboard page

The Front Panel page is separated into two parts: widgets and top panels. Widgets show specific, historical information about your device. Top panels show connection data for your device.


The System, External Bandwidth, IPSec VPN, CPU, and Memory widgets refresh at the interval you specify to show you the historical information about your device. To get the most recent data, select Last 20 Minutes.

If you have read-write configuration access to this device, you can also reboot the device from the System widget.

Top Panels

From the Top Panels, you can see real-time data about the currently active connections through your XTM device. Each panel shows the connection rate, number of bytes transferred through the connection, and the number of hits.

The available top panels include:

To see more details about any of the information in a top panel, or to pivot on the details in a top panel, click a detail in a top panel list. The information in the top panels is updated based on the new selection.

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