Connect to Fireware XTM Web UI from an External Network

The Fireware XTM device configuration has a policy called WatchGuard Web UI. This policy controls which XTM device interfaces can connect to Fireware XTM Web UI. By default, this policy only allows connections from Any-Trusted and Any-Optional networks. If you want to allow access to the Web UI from the external network, you must edit the WatchGuard Web UI policy and add Any-External to the From list.

In Fireware XTM Web UI:

  1. Select Firewall > Firewall Policies.
  2. Double-click the WatchGuard Web UI policy to edit it.
  3. Select the Policy tab.
  4. In the From section, click Add.
  5. Select Any-External.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save.

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