Install a Local WebBlocker Server

WebBlocker can use the Websense cloud or it can use a WebBlocker Server. If you want WebBlocker to use a WebBlocker Server, your XTM device must connect to a WebBlocker Server to determine if a web site matches a SurfControl content category.

To configure any XTM device other than an XTM 2 Series or XTM 33 to use a WebBlocker Server, you must first install a WebBlocker server on your local network. If you use a WebBlocker Server on an XTM 2 Series or XTM 33 device, the XTM device connects to a WebBlocker Server maintained by WatchGuard by default.

You can install a WebBlocker Server from the WatchGuard System Manager installer. On the computer where you want to install the WebBlocker Server, download the WatchGuard System Manager software. When you run the WatchGuard System Manager installer, select the WebBlocker Server option.

For more information about how to set up a local WebBlocker Server, see the Fireware XTM WatchGuard System Manager Help at

After you install a WebBlocker Server, you can configure WebBlocker profiles to use your WebBlocker Server.

For instructions to change your WebBlocker profiles, see Get Started with WebBlocker.

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