Configure WebBlocker Servers

In the WebBlocker configuration, you can change the type of server that WebBlocker uses and you can add the IP addresses of locally installed WebBlocker servers.

Select the WebBlocker Server Type

On the Servers tab in a WebBlocker profile, you can select the type of server that WebBlocker uses.

Screen shot of WebBlocker profile configuration, Servers tab

You can choose to Use the Websense cloud for WebBlocker lookups, or Use a WebBlocker Server with SurfControl.

For more information about the WebBlocker server options, see Get Started with WebBlocker.

When you switch from the Websense cloud to a WebBlocker Server or from a WebBlocker Server to Websense cloud, the Web UI gives you the option to automatically convert the category actions from one server to a similar set of category actions on the other server.

If you choose to automatically convert the category selections, make sure to look at the converted category settings to make sure that WebBlocker blocks all the categories you want to block. For more information, see Change Categories to Block.

Add New WebBlocker Servers or Change Their Order

If you configure WebBlocker to use a locally installed WebBlocker Server, you can add up to five WebBlocker Servers. If the XTM device cannot connect to the first server in the list, it tries to connect to the subsequent one in the list. The first server in the list is the primary server.

Screen shot of the WebBlocker profile configuration, Servers tab, SurfControl option selected

For information about how to set up a local WebBlocker server, see Install a Local WebBlocker Server.

Add a WebBlocker Server

You can add up to five WebBlocker Servers to a WebBlocker profile.

For XTM 2 Series and XTM 33 devices, WebBlocker uses a WebBlocker Server hosted by WatchGuard by default. If you want WebBlocker to use a locally configured WebBlocker Server, select Locally installed WebBlocker server.

To add an entry for a local WebBlocker Server:

  1. In the IP text box, type the IP address of your WebBlocker Server.
  2. In the Port text box, type or select the port number. The default port number for the WebBlocker Server is 5003.
  3. To add the WebBlocker Server to the list, click Add.

Reorder or Remove WebBlocker Servers

The order of the servers in the list defines the order in which the XTM device fails over to backup servers.

  1. Select the server you want to move or change.
  2. Click a button adjacent to the list.

Advanced Server Settings

By default, WebBlocker denies access to a web site if it cannot connect to a server within 5 seconds. In the Advanced tab, you can change the timeout duration, and the actions WebBlocker takes when the server cannot be reached.

For more information, see Define Advanced WebBlocker Options.

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