Use an HTTP Proxy Server for spamBlocker

If spamBlocker must use an HTTP proxy server to connect to the CYREN server through the Internet, you must configure the HTTP proxy server settings on the spamBlocker Settings page.

  1. On the spamBlocker page, click Settings.
    The spamBlocker Settings page appears.
  2. Select the HTTP Proxy Server tab.

Screen shot of the spamBlocker Settings - HTTP Proxy Server tab

  1. Select the Connect to spamBlocker using an HTTP Proxy server check box.
  2. In the Server Address text box, type the IP address or host name of the HTTP proxy server.
  3. In the Server port text box, type the number of the port the Firebox or XTM device must use to contact the HTTP proxy server.
  4. From the Server authentication drop-down list, select the authentication method to use for proxy server connections.
  5. If you selected Basic or NTLM as the authentication method, type the User name, User domain, and Password for connections to the HTTP proxy server.

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