Subscription Services Status and Manual Signatures Updates

The Gateway AntiVirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, Application Control, and Data Loss Prevention security services use a frequently-updated set of signatures to identify the latest viruses, threats, and applications. You can configure these services to update signatures automatically. For information about signature update settings see:

You can also update signatures manually. If the signatures on the XTM device are not current, you are not protected from the latest viruses and intrusions.

The Subscription Services status page shows statistics about the subscription services activity, and shows the status of signature updates. For each signature-based service, you can see the current signature version installed and whether a newer version of signatures is available.

To see the status of Subscription Services:

  1. Connect to Fireware XTM Web UI for your device.
  2. Select Dashboard > Subscription Services.
    The Subscription Services status page appears.

Screen shot of the Subscription Services dashboard page

  1. To manually update signatures for a service, click Update for each service you want to update.
    The XTM device downloads the most recent available signature update.

For more information about the statistics on this page, see About the Dashboard and System Status Pages.

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