Set a Custom Idle Timeout

Idle timeout is the maximum length of time that a connection can stay active when no traffic is sent through the connection. You can configure the global idle timeout setting that applies to all policies. You can also configure a custom idle timeout setting for an individual policy.

For more information about how to configure the global idle timeout setting, see Define Device Global Settings.

For an individual policy, you can enable and configure a custom idle timeout that applies only to that policy. You can then specify the length of time (in seconds) that can elapse before the XTM device closes the connection. The default custom idle timeout setting is 180 seconds (3 minutes).

If you configure the global idle timeout setting and also enable a custom idle timeout for a policy, the custom idle timeout setting takes precedence over the global idle timeout setting.

To specify the custom idle timeout value for a policy:

  1. On the Firewall Policies / Edit page, select the Settingstab.
  2. Select the Specify Custom Idle Timeout check box.
    The idle timeout setting is enabled and the default value of 180 seconds appears in the adjacent text box.

Screen shot of the Edit page for a policy, Specify custom idle timeout option

  1. In the adjacent text box, type the number of seconds before a timeout occurs.

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