About Aliases

An alias is a shortcut that identifies a group of hosts, networks, or interfaces. When you use an alias, it is easy to create a security policy because the XTM device allows you to use aliases when you create policies.

Default aliases in Fireware XTM Web UI include:

Alias names are different from user or group names used in user authentication. With user authentication, you can monitor a connection with a name and not as an IP address. The person authenticates with a user name and a password to get access to Internet protocols.

For more information about user authentication, see About User Authentication.

You can also create and apply aliases when you use Centralized Management for your XTM device and apply a Device Configuration Template to a device. If you apply a template to an XTM device that runs Fireware XTM OS v11.7 or later, and the template includes an alias name that is already used by an interface on the device, because you cannot have duplicate alias names in any configuration file, the alias name does not appear correctly in the Aliases list after the template is applied.

Alias Members

You can add these objects to an alias:

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