Assign Interfaces to a VLAN

When you create a new VLAN, you specify the type of data it receives from XTM device interfaces. However, you can also make an interface a member of a VLAN that is currently defined, or remove an interface from a VLAN.

You must change an interface type to VLAN before you can use it in a VLAN configuration.

To assign a network interface to a VLAN:

  1. Select Network > VLAN.
    The VLAN page appears.
  2. Click Add, or select a VLAN interface and click Edit.
  3. In the Select a VLAN tag setting for each interface list, select one or more interfaces.
  4. From the Select Traffic drop-down list, select an option to apply to the selected interfaces:

VLAN configuration, set interfaces to send/receive tagged or untagged traffic

  1. Click Save.

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