Manually Distribute and Install the Mobile VPN with SSL Client Software and Configuration File

If there is some reason your users cannot download the client software from the XTM device, you can manually provide them with the client software and configuration file. You can download the Mobile VPN with SSL client software on the WatchGuard Portal. Use the steps below to get the SSL VPN configuration file to distribute.

Get the Configuration File from the XTM device

To get the Mobile VPN with SSL configuration file, you must install WatchGuard System Manager. Then you can use Firebox System Manager to get the file. For more information, see the Mobile VPN for SSL chapter in the WatchGuard System Manager Help or User Guide.

Install and Configure the SSL Client Using the Installation Software and a Configuration File

You must have two files:

For Microsoft Windows:

  1. Double-click WG-MVPN-SSL.exe.
    The Mobile VPN with SSL client Setup Wizard starts.
  2. Accept the default settings on each screen of the wizard.
  3. If you want to add a desktop icon or a Quick Launch icon, select the check box for that option.
    A desktop or Quick Launch icon is not required. The client icon is added to the Windows Start menu by default.
  4. Finish and exit the wizard.
  5. Use one of these three methods to start the client software:
  6. Double-click sslvpn-client.wgssl to configure the Mobile VPN with SSL client software.

For Mac OS X:

  1. Double-click WG-MVPN-SSL.dmg.
    A volume named WatchGuard Mobile VPN is created on the desktop.
  2. In the WatchGuard Mobile VPN volume, double-click WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL Installer V15.mpkg.
    The client installer starts.
  3. Accept the default settings in the installer.
  4. Finish and exit the installer.
  5. Start the client software. Open a Finder window and go to Applications > WatchGuard.
  6. Double-click the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL application.
    The WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL logo appears in the menu bar.
  7. Double-click sslvpn-client.wgssl to configure the Mobile VPN with SSL client software.

Update the Configuration of a Computer that is Unable to Connect to the XTM Device

You must have an updated sslvpn-client.wgssl file. For information on how to get the sslvpn-client.wgssl file, see Get the configuration file from the XTM device.

  1. Double-click sslvpn-client.wgssl.
    The SSL client starts.
  2. Type your user name and password. Click Connect.

The SSL VPN connects with the new settings.

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