About Mobile VPN with L2TP

Mobile Virtual Private Networking (Mobile VPN) with L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) creates a secure connection between a remote computer and the network resources behind the XTM device. By default, Mobile VPN with L2TP uses IPSec to provide strong encryption and authentication.

If you have a WatchGuard XTM 21, 22, or 23 device, this feature is not available for your device.

Client Compatibility

Mobile VPN with L2TP supports connections from most L2TP VPN v2 clients that comply with the L2TP RFC 2661 standard.

Authentication Server Compatibility

Mobile VPN with L2TP supports local authentication on the XTM device (Firebox-DB) and RADIUS authentication servers. For more information, see About L2TP User Authentication.


To support more than one Mobile VPN with L2TP connection, your XTM device must have Fireware XTM with a Pro upgrade. The Pro upgrade is included with most XTM device models. The maximum number of supported L2TP connections varies for each XTM device model. The L2TP users value in the device feature key indicates the maximum number of Mobile VPN with L2TP connections your device supports.

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