Configure Round-Robin

Before You Begin

Configure the Interfaces

  1. Select Network > Multi-WAN.
  2. From the Multi-WAN Mode drop-down list, select Round Robin.

Multi-WAN configuration, showing Round Robin

  1. If you have Fireware XTM with a Pro upgrade, you can modify the weight associated with each interface. Choose an interface, then type or select a new value in the adjacent Weight field. The default value is 1 for each interface.

For information on interface weight, see Find How to Assign Weights to Interfaces.

  1. To assign an interface to the multi-WAN configuration, select an interface and click Configure.
  2. Select the Participate in Multi-WAN check box and click OK.
  1. To complete your configuration, you must add link monitor information as described in About WAN Interface Status.
  1. Click Save.

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