About Using Multiple External Interfaces

You can use your XTM device to create redundant support for the external interface. This is a helpful option if you must have a constant Internet connection.

With the multi-WAN feature, you can configure multiple external interfaces, each on a different subnet. This allows you to connect your XTM device to more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP). When you configure a second interface, the multi-WAN feature is automatically enabled.

Multi-WAN Requirements and Conditions

You must have a second Internet connection and more than one external interface to use most multi-WAN configuration options.

Conditions and requirements for multi-WAN use include:

You can use one of four multi-WAN configuration options to manage your network traffic.

For more information on each option, see About Multi-WAN Options.

When you enable multi-WAN the XTM device monitors the status of each external interface. Make sure that you define a link monitor host for each interface. We recommend that you configure two link targets for each interface.

For more information, see About WAN Interface Status.

Multi-WAN and DNS

Make sure that your DNS server can be reached through every WAN. Otherwise, you must modify your DNS policies such that:

You must have Fireware XTM with a Pro upgrade to use policy-based routing.

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