Types of Log Messages

Your Firebox or XTM device sends several types of log messages for events that occur on the device. Each message includes the message type in the text of the message. The log messages types are:

For more information about some of the log messages generated by your Firebox or XTM device, see the Fireware XTM Log Catalog.

Traffic Log Messages

The Firebox or XTM device sends traffic log messages as it applies packet filter and proxy rules to traffic that goes through the device.

Alarm Log Messages

Alarm log messages are sent when an event occurs that triggers the Firebox or XTM device to run a command. When the alarm condition is matched, the device sends an Alarm log message to the Log Server or syslog server, and then it does the specified action.

There are eight categories of Alarm log messages:

The Firebox or XTM device does not send more than 10 alarms in 15 minutes for the same conditions.

Event Log Messages

The Firebox or XTM device sends event log messages because of user activity. Actions that can cause the device to send an event log message include:

Debug Log Messages

Debug log messages include diagnostic information that you can use to help troubleshoot problems. There are 27 different product components that can send debug log messages.

Statistic Log Messages

Statistic log messages include information about the performance of the Firebox or XTM device. By default, the device sends log messages about external interface performance and VPN bandwidth statistics to your log file. You can use these logs to change your device settings as necessary to improve performance.

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