About Unhandled Packets

An unhandled packet is a packet that does not match any policy rule. By default, the XTM device always denies unhandled packets. From Fireware XTM Web UI, you can change the device settings to further protect your network.

  1. Select Firewall > Default Packet Handling.
    The Default Packet Handling page appears.

Screen shot of the Default Packet Handling page

  1. Select or clear the check boxes for these options: 

Auto-block source of packets not handled

Select to automatically block the source of unhandled packets. The XTM device adds the IP address that sent the packet to the temporary Blocked Sites list.

The "Auto-block source of packets not handled" option does not apply to broadcast traffic that is dropped as unhandled.

Send an error message to clients whose connections are disabled

Select to send a TCP reset or ICMP error back to the client when the XTM device receives an unhandled packet.

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