Downgrade Fireware XTM OS

Use these procedures to downgrade the version of Fireware XTM OS to an earlier version.

It is not necessary to downgrade WatchGuard System Manager when you downgrade Fireware XTM OS, because WatchGuard System Manager can manage XTM devices that use earlier versions of Fireware XTM OS.

Use a Saved Backup Image to Downgrade

The recommended method to downgrade an XTM device to an older version of Fireware XTM OS is to use the saved backup image that you created before the most recent Fireware XTM OS upgrade on the device. If you have a backup image, there are two procedures you can use to downgrade an XTM device to an earlier version of Fireware XTM OS:

Restore the full backup image you created for the device before the last Fireware XTM OS upgrade.

For more information, see Restore an XTM Device Backup Image.

Use the USB backup file you created before the upgrade as your auto-restore image on a USB drive.

For more information, see Automatically Restore a Backup Image from a USB Drive.

Downgrade Without a Backup Image

If you do not have a backup image for your XTM device, there are two other methods you can use to downgrade Fireware XTM OS to an earlier version:

Use the Quick Setup Wizard in WatchGuard System Manager to downgrade an XTM device in recovery mode.

This downgrade requires that you create a new basic configuration. It removes the feature key and certificates. After the downgrade, you can use Policy Manager to save a different configuration file to the device.

For more information, see the WatchGuard System Manager Help or User Guide.

Use the Upgrade feature in the Fireware XTM Web UI to install an older version of Fireware XTM OS.

Use this method only to downgrade a device from Fireware XTM OS v11.7 or later. Because newer features are not all compatible with older OS versions, this downgrade procedure resets the configuration to factory-default settings. It does not change the device passphrases and does not remove the feature keys and certificates.

If you use the Web UI Upgrade feature to downgrade, the device configuration is reset to factory-default settings.

For more information, see Use the Web UI to Downgrade from Fireware XTM OS v11.7 or Higher.

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