Complete Your Installation

After you are finished with the Web Setup Wizard , you must complete the installation of your XTM device on your network. 

  1. Put the XTM device in its permanent physical location.
  2. Make sure the gateway of management computer and the rest of the trusted network is the IP address of the trusted interface of your XTM device.
  1. To connect to your XTM device with Fireware XTM Web UI, open a web browser and type: This is the default IP address of the trusted interface.

For more information, see Connect to Fireware XTM Web UI.

  1. If you use a routed configuration, make sure you change the default gateway on all the computers that connect to your XTM device to match the IP address of the XTM device trusted interface.
  2. Customize your configuration as necessary for the security purposes of your business.

For more information, see the subsequent Customize your security policy section.

Customize Your Security Policy 

Your security policy controls who can get into and out of your network, and where they can go in your network. The configuration file of your XTM device manages the security policies.

When you completed the Quick Setup Wizard, the configuration file that you made was only a basic configuration. You can modify this configuration to align your security policy with the business and security requirements of your company. You can add packet filter and proxy policies to set what you let in and out of your network. Each policy can have an effect on your network. The policies that increase your network security can decrease access to your network. And the policies that increase access to your network can put the security of your network at risk. For more information on policies, see About Policies.

For a new installation, we recommend that you use only packet filter policies until all your systems operate correctly. As necessary, you can add proxy policies.

About LiveSecurity Service 

Your XTM device includes a subscription to LiveSecurity Service. Your subscription:

For more information about LiveSecurity Service, see About WatchGuard Support.

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