View APT Threat Information

When you configure the APT Blocker threat actions on your Firebox or XTM device to send an alarm or log message for a threat action, from Traffic Monitor, you can see the log message information for the APT threats detected by APT Blocker on your device.

For more information about how to configure APT Blocker threat actions, see Configure APT Blocker.

You can also view APT Blocker threat action log messages from WatchGuard Dimension. APT Blocker reports are only available in WatchGuard Dimension. For more information, see Dimension Reports List in the WatchGuard Dimension Help.

APT Blocker threat information includes these details:

To view information about the APT Blocker threat actions on your device from Fireware XTM Web UI:

  1. Select Dashboard > Traffic Monitor.
    The Traffic Monitor page appears.
  2. Scroll to find an APT Blocker log message.
  3. Click the APT log message.
    The APT Threat Information dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the APT Threat Information dialog box

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