Manage Fault Reports

After you enable your Firebox or XTM device to send Fault Reports to WatchGuard, and your device has generated Fault Reports from the fault events that occurred on your device, you can review the list of Fault Reports, manually send reports to WatchGuard, and remove Fault Reports from your device. You must be logged in to the device with a user account that has Device Administrator privileges to send or delete Fault Reports.

For instructions to enable your device to automatically send Fault Reports to WatchGuard, see Define Device Global Settings.

For each report in the Fault Reports list, you can see these details:

If Fault Reports are available for your device, the number of available reports appears on the DASHBOARD > Front Panel page.

To review and manage the Fault Reports on your device:

  1. On the DASHBOARD > Front Panel page in the Status section, click Fault Reports.
    Or, select System Status > Diagnostics.
    The Diagnostics File page appears, with the most recent Fault Reports for your device.

  1. To manually send the Fault Reports to WatchGuard, click Send All to WatchGuard.
  2. To remove all available Fault Reports from your device, click Delete All.

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