Configure IPv4 Routing with RIP

  1. Select Network > Dynamic Routing.
    The Dynamic Routing page appears.
  2. Select the Enable Dynamic Routing check box.
  3. Select the RIP tab.
  1. Select the Enable check box.

Fireware XTM Web UI — Dynamic Routing RIP page

  1. Copy and paste the text of your routing daemon configuration file in the window.
  1. Click Save.

    If necessary, Fireware XTM automatically adds the required dynamic routing policy or enables an existing RIP dynamic routing policy, if one exists.

When you enable RIP, the dynamic routing policy called DR-RIP-Allow is automatically created. You can edit this policy to add authentication and restrict the policy to listen on only the correct interfaces. The DR-RIP-Allow policy is configured to allow RIP multicasts to the reserved multicast address for RIP v2.

If you use RIP v1, you must configure the RIP policy to allow RIP broadcasts from the network broadcast IP address to the XTM device. For example, if your external interface IP address is, the RIP policy must allow traffic from the broadcast address to the XTM device.

After you configure the XTM device and the RIP router, select System Status > Routes and verify that the XTM device has received route updates from the RIP router.

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