Convert Certificate Format

When you export a certificate from a WatchGuard XTM or Firebox device, the certificate is saved in PEM format. For some certificate distribution methods, the preferred certificate format for import is the DER format. You can convert the PEM format certificate to DER with an SSL certificate conversion tool.

You can also use OpenSSL to convert certificates and certificate signing requests from PEM to DER format. See for information and installation instructions.

  1. Copy the PEM format certificate file to the folder that contains your OpenSSL application, or another working directory where you can execute the OpenSSL application. On a Windows system, this directory is \openSSL\bin or \openSSL-Win64.
  2. Open a command line interface.
    Make sure you run the command prompt as an administrator. To do this in Windows, right-click the command prompt shortcut and select "Run as Administrator".
  3. Navigate to the folder where you copied the PEM format certificate file.
  4. Type openssl x509 -outform der -in selfsignedCA.pem -out selfsignedCA.der

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