Configure BOVPN Virtual Interface Multicast Settings

You can enable the XTM device to send or receive multicast traffic through a BOVPN virtual interface.

The ability for a BOVPN tunnel to send or receive multicast traffic through a VLAN or Bridge interface is supported in Fireware XTM  v11.9.3. or higher.

To configure multicast settings:

  1. Select the Multicast Settings tab.

Screen shot of the BOVPN Virtual Interfaces page, Multicast Settings tab

  1. Select the Enable multicast routing over the tunnel check box.
  2. In the Origination IP text box, type the IP address of the originator of the traffic.
  3. In the Group IP text box, type the multicast IP address to receive the traffic.

Enable the Device to Send Multicast Traffic Through The Tunnel

  1. Select Enable device to send multicast traffic.
  2. From the Input Interface drop-down list, select the interface from which the multicast traffic originates.

Enable the Device to Receive Multicast Traffic Through the Tunnel

  1. Select Enable device to receive multicast traffic.
  2. Select the check box for each interface that you want to receive multicast traffic.

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