About Feature Keys

A feature key enables a set of licensed features on your Firebox or XTM device. When you get a new device, you must activate the device on the WatchGuard website to create a feature key. Then you must install the feature key on your device to enable all the device functions.

Many features are enabled by the feature key that is created when you activate your device. You can purchase upgrades and services to add functionality to your device. When you purchase a new option, upgrade, or renewal, you must activate it on the WatchGuard website to associate it with your device. WatchGuard then creates an updated feature key for your device, which you must update on the device to enable the new functionality. If your device does not have a feature key, you can use the Feature Key Wizard to add it to your device.

For information about activation and how to get a feature key for your device, see Get a Feature Key for Your Device.

See Features Enabled in the Current Feature Key

To see the features enabled in the current feature key on your device: 

  1. Connect to Fireware XTM Web UI.
  2. Select System > Feature Key.
    The Feature Key page appears.

The Summary section includes:

If an expiration date appears in the Summary section, this is the date that the key expires. When the feature key expires, some licensed features and capacities revert back to the values they had before the feature key was applied, and the device allows only one connection to the external network.

The Features section includes:

The Modify Feature Key section provides options to update or remove the feature.key.

Update Feature Key

Upload a feature key from a local file.

Remove Feature Key

Remove the feature key from the device.

For information about these options, see Manually Add or Remove a Feature Key.

The Retrieve Feature Key section provides two options to update the feature key on the device.

Sscreen shot of Fireware XTM Web UI Feature Key page

Get Feature Key

To download the latest feature key for your device from your account on the WatchGuard web site, click Get Feature Key.
For more information, see Get a Feature Key for Your Device

Enable automatic feature key synchronization

To enable the device to automatically synchronize the feature key with the WatchGuard web site, select the Enable automatic feature key synchronization check box.
For more information, see Enable Automatic Feature Key Synchronization

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Get a Feature Key for Your Device

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