Restore an XTM Device Backup Image

You can use Fireware XTM Web UI to restore a previously created backup image to your XTM device. You can only restore a backup image that came from the same device.

For more information about Centralized Management and how to update a Fully Managed device, see Fireware XTM WatchGuard System Manager Help.

Do not try to restore a backup image created from a different XTM device. Each backup image is unique to a single device; it includes the serial number, certificates, and private keys for that device.

To use the Web UI to restore the backup image to a FireCluster, you must have a unique backup image for each device, and you must restore the backup master first. For more information, see Use the Web UI with a FireCluster.

After the backup image is successfully restored, the device must reboot.

To restore the backup image:

  1. Select System > Restore Image.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Select the location and file name of the saved backup image file created for this device. Click Open.
  4. Click Restore.
  5. Type the encryption key you used when you created the backup image.
    The XTM device restores the backup image. It restarts and uses the backup image.

Wait for two minutes before you connect to the XTM device again.

If you cannot successfully restore your XTM device image, you can reset the XTM device. Depending on the XTM device model you have, you can reset an XTM device to its factory-default settings or rerun the Quick Setup Wizard to create a new configuration.

For more information, see Reset a Device.

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