Define a New Group for Firebox Authentication

You can use Fireware XTM Web UI to specify which user groups can authenticate to your XTM device.

  1. Select Authentication > Servers.
    The Authentication Servers page appears.
  2. Select the Firebox tab.
  3. In the Groups section, click Add.
    The Setup Firebox Group dialog box appears.

Screenshot of the Setup Firebox Group dialog box

  1. Type a name for the group.
  2. (Optional) Type a description for the group.
  3. Select the Enable login limits for each user or group check box.
  4. Select an option:
    1. In the text box, type or select the number of allowed concurrent user sessions.
    2. From the drop-down list, select an option:
      • Reject subsequent login attempts
      • Allow subsequent login attempts and logoff the first session.
  5. To add a user to the group, in the Firebox Authentication Users list, select the check box for that user.
  6. After you add all necessary users to the group, click OK.

You can now configure policies and authentication with these users and groups, as described in Use Authorized Users and Groups in Policies.

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