Add AuthPoint Trial Licenses to Your Inventory

From Support Center, Service Providers can add AuthPoint trial licenses to their inventory in WatchGuard Cloud. These trial licenses can then be assigned to managed accounts that want to try AuthPoint.

Trial licenses have five users, are valid for 30 days, and can be renewed for another 30 days. You can renew each trial license one time to extend the trial period by thirty days.

The 30 day trail period for a trial license begins when you activate the license, not when you assign the trial license to an account. We recommend that you do not activate a trial license until you are ready to assign it to a managed account.

To add an AuthPoint trial license to your inventory:

  1. Go to and log in with your WatchGuard account user name and password.
  2. On the Support Center Home page, select My WatchGuard > Manage Products.
    The Manage Products page appears.

  1. Click WatchGuard AuthPoint.
    The AuthPoint Licenses page appears.

  1. Click Free 30 day trial.

  1. On the Select a License page of the activation wizard, from the drop-down list, select New AuthPoint License to activate and add a new trial license to your inventory in WatchGuard Cloud.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Type a name for your AuthPoint license. This gives you an easy way to identify your trial license on the WatchGuard website and in WatchGuard Cloud.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select the I accept check box to accept the End-User License Agreement.

  1. Click Next to finish.

The new trial license is activated and added to your inventory in WatchGuard Cloud. From the Inventory page in WatchGuard Cloud, you can assign the trial license to the account that wants to try AuthPoint.

To learn how to assign a trial license to a managed account, see Assign AuthPoint Trial Licenses.

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