Help Center Search Tips

When you search Help Center, a list of topics that include the keywords you enter appears.

To improve the relevance of the list of topics, you can narrow your search:

  • To limit the search to a specific area of Help Center (for example, Fireware, Wi-Fi Cloud, or AuthPoint), click the filter icon () in the search box and select a filter.
  • To search for keywords that appear in an exact order, add quotation marks around search phrases (for example, "content inspection").
  • To include or exclude keywords from the search results, use Boolean operators.

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are not case-sensitive and can be represented by a symbol. You can include these Boolean Operators in search text:

  • AND — Type AND, &, or + to narrow the search and list only topics that contain all of the words it separates. A blank space is also interpreted as AND.
  • OR — Type OR or | to broaden the search to list topics that contain any of the words it separates.
  • NOT — Type NOT, ^, or ! to narrow the search to list topics that contain one term but not the other.

To combine Boolean phrases and search terms, add parentheses. For example, to search for topics that contain “policy” and either “HTTPS” or “content inspection”, type policy and (HTTPS or "content inspection") in the search bar.