Subscribe a Firebox to a Template

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

To configure multiple cloud-managed Fireboxes with a standard set of policies and services, you can create a template. After you create the template, you can subscribe Fireboxes to the template. Devices allocated to accounts below more than one Service Provider can subscribe to templates from any tier above them. For information about how to create templates, go to Manage Firebox Templates.

When you subscribe or unsubscribe a Firebox from a template, the template is immediately deployed to the cloud for the Firebox to download. Each time you deploy an update to a template, subscribed Fireboxes receive a template deployment.

A template deployment to a Firebox contains the settings from the most recently deployed configuration version for that device, with an update only to the template settings.

For more information about template deployment, go to Deploy Firebox Templates.

To subscribe a Firebox to a template, use one of these methods:

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