Device Status

Firebox System Manager (FSM) shows basic status information for your Firebox at the right side of the Front Panel tab.

Status and Warnings

  • Status of the Firebox — This includes the device version and patch string.
  • Warnings — These appear when updates for Security Services are available, or when Subscription Services or other features are soon to expire.
    To renew, click Renew Now at the top-right of FSM.

Screen shot of the Firebox System Manager Front Panel — Device status detail screenshot

Firebox, FireCluster, and Interface Details 

On the Front Panel tab, expand the entries to see:

  • The IP address of each Firebox interface and the configuration mode of the external interface.
  • In Fireware v12.10.2 or higher, you can right-click an external interface that has DHCP enabled to renew or release the DHCP lease.

  • If FireCluster is configured, whether the FireCluster member devices are available. The time at which the configuration of the member devices was last updated also appears.

Screen shot of the FSM Front Panel FireCluster details

If you expand the entries for each interface again, you can see:

  • IP address, gateway, and netmask of each configured interface
  • Media Access Control (MAC) address of each interface
  • Number of bytes and packets sent and received since the last device restart
  • Status of the physical link (an interface or link icon in color means an interface or link is configured, and a dark icon indicates the interface or link is down)

Screen shot of the Firebox status interface details

DNS Servers

If you configure an external interface on the device to use a PPPoE server to get an IP address, and configure a DNS server on the PPPoE server to generate IP addresses, the list of DNS servers appears on the Front Panel.

To see the list of DNS servers for the device:

  1. Expand the Interfaces tree.
  2. Expand the DNS Servers tree.

Screen shot of the DNS Servers list on the Front Panel

Certificates and Their Current Status 

FSM shows the Firebox certificates and their current status. For valid certificates, FSM shows the validity period and fingerprint.

Screen shot of the FSM Front Panel, Certificates details

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