Import a Backup Image to the Firebox

If you want to store backup images in a location off the Firebox, you can export backup images saved on the Firebox to your computer, a network location, or a USB drive connected to your computer.

If you need to restore an exported backup image later, you can import it back to the same Firebox. Backup images contain information that is specific to the Firebox from which they were saved. You cannot import backup images that were exported from another Firebox.

When you import a backup image back to the Firebox, you must specify the password that was used to encrypt the backup image when it was exported. If you lose or forget this password, you cannot import the backup image file.

When you import a backup image, it is saved in the list of backup images on the Firebox but is not restored. If you want to restore the backup image after you import it, follow the steps in Restore a Firebox Backup Image.

Backup images saved from Fireware OS v12.2 and lower include the Fireware OS. You cannot import backup images saved from Fireware v12.2 or lower to store them on the Firebox. If you try to import a backup image that was saved from Fireware v12.2 or lower, you are asked if you want to restore the backup image. If you choose to restore the backup image, the Firebox is downgraded to the Fireware OS version in the selected backup image.

You cannot import a backup image to the Firebox if the available storage space is less than 512MB or less than 10% of the total storage capacity. You can see the available storage space in the Fireware Web UI, Backup and Restore Image page.

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