Upload a Configuration File for RapidDeploy

After you have created a configuration file for RapidDeploy, you can upload it to the WatchGuard website.

For instructions to create the configuration file, see Create a Configuration File for RapidDeploy.

Upload the Configuration File

You upload the configuration file to the device with the RapidDeploy Configuration Manager. Because the configuration file does not include the Device Management user account passphrases, you must set the passphrases to use on the device when you upload the file. For more information about passphrases, see About RapidDeploy Passphrases.

After the remote device downloads the configuration file, the passphrases are changed to the passphrases you set when you upload the file. The passphrase reset occurs even if the device rejects the configuration file. For more information, see Connect the Firebox for RapidDeploy.

To upload the configuration file for RapidDeploy:

  1. Go to the Product Details page for the device.
  2. Click Go to RapidDeploy.
  3. On the RapidDeploy Configuration Manager page, click Upload Configuration File.
  4. Click Choose File or Browse to select the configuration file to upload.
    The button name depends on the browser you use.
  5. Browse to and select the .XML configuration file you want to use.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Type and confirm the passphrase for the device to use for the status Device Management user account (read-only access).
  8. Type and confirm the passphrase for the device to use for the admin Device Management user account (read-write access).
  9. Click Finish.
    The file is uploaded and validated.

If the file you select is not a valid XML configuration file, or if the model number in the configuration file does not match this product, an error message appears and the file is not uploaded. Make sure that you select a valid XML configuration file for this device model.

After you upload a configuration file, the Configuration Manager page shows the time and date the configuration file was uploaded.

To verify if the RapidDeploy configuration file was successfully deployed to the Firebox, you can test connectivity through the device. For more information, go to Verify RapidDeploy Success.

The configuration file you upload for RapidDeploy is stored on the WatchGuard website for two years from the date you upload it, unless you manually delete it. Any time the Firebox starts with factory-default settings, it automatically contacts WatchGuard to download this configuration file.

If you decide you do not want the device to automatically use this file, you can disable RapidDeploy for this device. For more information, see Disable RapidDeploy.