Configure an RMA Replacement with RapidDeploy from the Website

When you exchange a Firebox for an RMA replacement Firebox of the same model, WatchGuard Customer Care ships the replacement Firebox to you, and transfers the licenses from the original Firebox serial number to the new Firebox serial number. All the features that were licensed to the original Firebox are transferred to the replacement Firebox.

For more information about RMA replacement, see RMA Frequently Asked Questions in the Knowledge Base.

To configure a replacement Firebox, you can use the saved configuration file from the original Firebox as the RapidDeploy file for the RMA replacement Firebox.

If the original Firebox was managed by a WatchGuard Management Server, you must use RapidDeploy from the Management Server and the WatchGuard Deployment Center to configure the replacement Firebox. For more information, see Configure an RMA Replacement with RapidDeploy from the Management Server.

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